How To Start a Dodge If Your Key FOB Battery is Dead

June 29th, 2021 by

It is one of those moments that eventually happens to all of us, and often at the worst possible time.  It’s late at night and you’re far from home when the battery to the key fob that unlocks your car (and starts its engine) goes dead.  For a moment, you are unable to unlock the vehicle, much less start it.

The key fob to your Dodge is a convenient tool that enables you to lock, unlock and start your vehicle in the blink of an eye.  Should its battery go dead, however, here are the simple steps you need to take to quickly re-gain access to the car:

  1. Turn the fob over to reveal the latch located at the TOP BACK of the fob.
  2. SLIDE the latch to the side, then REMOVE the silver analog key that is stored inside.
  3. Use the key to UNLOCK the vehicle door.
  4. Once inside, PLACE the key fob on the START With your foot on the brake, PUSH the start button with the fob to start the vehicle. Although the battery in the fob is dead, the vehicle will, in fact, recognize the fob.
  5. For safekeeping, RETURN the analog key to its place inside the fob. Then REPLACE the battery at your earliest convenience.
  6. STORE these instructions on your phone or in your wallet or purse.








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