American Muscle: Here’s Why You Need to Get a 2019 Dodge Challenger

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Among midsize sports cars, Dodge Challengers consistently hold the highest resale value among its competitors. It’s likely that this is due to the fact that Dodge Challenger has continued to offer strong performance that doesn’t fade with time. The new 2019 Dodge Challenger is no different.

Whether you are a long-term Dodge Challenger fan or are finally looking into getting the Challenger of your dreams, you’ll find the 2019 Dodge Challenger is everything that you’ve been waiting for.

Read on for more information on the newest model and the Dodge Challenger collection and what you have to look forward to.

The 2019 Dodge Challenger Body

The 2019 Dodge Challenger boasts a number of new changes in its evolution since the 2018 model. Io start, its first change can be viewed right in the front. You’ll find the Dual snorkel Hood makes itself plainly evident on the model. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also incredibly functional and does bring air to the engine bay, while still maintaining its cool classic Dodge look. This feature can be found on both the regular Hellcat and the red-eye. In fact, the only real difference between the two models exterior for 2019 is the unique Hellcat icon found near the front of the car.

You’ll also see a slightly different rear built spoilers in the end portion of the vehicle. However, the spoiler is entirely optional. While that may be the extent of the differences on the exterior of the 2019 Dodge Challenger the interior has a completely different story, with an engine that ranges modification between 717 horsepower and 797 horsepower.

The stylish and signature Wide Bar that was introduced last year is also brought into the 2019 model adding to the overall design of the cars powerful body. The look is both retro and modernized while maintaining that classic American muscle car feel.

The vehicle also features functional details with LED lights within the inner headlights and 305 tires all around its aggressive body. You can also notice that the unique spoiler on the body that helps contribute to its strong appeal. The Challenger comes in a wide variety of bold reds, greens and even purple, so you can easily fit whatever tastes you have.

2019 Dodge Challenger Interior

If you’ve been in the Challenger before then you’re familiar with the basic interior setup. The 2019 model continues many of these similar options, however, you’ll find some upgrades throughout. The seats found in the 2019 Dodge Challenger are Cantera seats, however, you also have the option of purchasing full leather.

The seats also come with both Heating and Cooling options to help maintain your comfort no matter where you’re driving. While the seats may not necessarily be race car seats, they’re still both large enough to be comfortable and secure while still creating a strong driving experience.

The signature SRT Challenger steering wheel is a great feature that drivers have come to know and love. With the detailed 10 and 2 notches and grip handling, the steering wheel is equipped with standard and convenient buttons that can give you easy access to anything need to do throughout the car.

The gages within the red-eye are particularly impressive featuring its bold colors in the signature Hellcat icon. You can easily switch from the emblem to a detailed LED screen that can quickly inform you of the status of your car. Not to mention the enjoyable experience of seeing the Number 220 Peak your speedometer.

Display Screens

The digital display is easy to navigate and has a beautiful setup, it allows you to easily access vehicle info with measurements on practically every area of your car. The performance gauges of your car are also on display within the dashboard with unique timers that encourage you to put the machine to the test. The center console offers a second beautiful LED display panel that includes everything from streaming music to a navigation board. You’ll also find the same maps and navigation details that came standard in previous years of the Dodge Challenger. With so many shortcuts included in the center console, you’ll find that the dashboard is one of the easiest to use among previous Challenger models.

The dashboard has a wide range of apps and can even connect to a performance Pages section that provides you with elements like a live dyzemagraph and G-Force gages. You can access a vehicle’s drive mode and customize your navigation menu to create an ideal entertainment screen that makes everything you need instantly within access.

The Dodge stays true to providing the basics of what you need, without overwhelming the driver with extra bells and whistles.

In the Back

The Challenger offers in-depth trunk space that can easily hold larger items like golf clubs and luggage. Beneath the ample trunk space, you’ll find a new upgraded Harman stereo system that provides the Ultimate Sound experience for any road trip. Depending on the model that you choose you will either receive the signature red or black 2019 Dodge Challenger key that creates an extra element of excitement every time you turn on the ignition.

Overall, between its impressive horsepower, extensive dashboard features, comfort and power, the 2019 Dodge Challenger is a perfect fit for American muscle car lovers that want a modern spin on an old school classic.

Getting into the 2019 Dodge Challenger of Your Dreams

Whether you are ready to purchase your own 2019 Dodge Challenger or you’re simply looking for another quality vehicle to bring home, you’ll find that we offer the very best in both new and used vehicle options.

Take some time to explore our various car choices and to research the perfect car to bring home to your garage.

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